Conveyancing involves the legal steps to buy or sell a property. When acting for the buyer, we will investigate thoroughly the property’s title (ownership), raising all necessary questions with the solicitor acting for the seller. If we are not satisfied with the answers to our questions, or with any other aspect of the sale, we may advise you not to buy the particular property.

When acting for the seller, we prepare all of the documents needed by the buyer’s solicitor.

In any property transaction, our job is to transfer the legal title from the seller to the buyer. Other matters may include planning issues or drawing or checking maps. You may be able to deal with these issues yourself or with the help of an architect or other professional.

When you sign a contract for the sale or purchase of a property, we will give you a date for when the sale should be closed and the keys handed over. However, unavoidable delays often arise and the sale may not close on that date. We will be able to advise you of an exact completion date closer to the date stated in the contract so that you can make the final arrangements.

If you are purchasing a property, you will need to supply funds to pay stamp duty, if it is required, and, in all cases, to pay Property Registration Authority (PRA) fees to register your property. You must pay these amounts before the sale is completed. If you are getting a loan from a bank or building society, they will not issue the loan cheque unless we give them our professional promise to stamp and register your deeds after the sale closes. We cannot promise this unless we already have the funds needed.

If your conveyancing transaction is tax driven or where there are VAT implications you should ensure that you have obtained independent tax advice. We recommend you use your accountant for this purpose as the one most suited to understand your needs and intentions.

If a conveyancing transaction is abandoned there will be a legal charge for work done to bring the matter to the point of conclusion. The amount of this charge will depend on how much time and effort was expended by those involved.