State Prosecutions


The defence of proceedings instituted by the State is an aspect of work that continues to expand and requires a high level of professionalism and expertise. This is gained from a combination of specialist knowledge and many years of practical experience. Andrew Vallely leads this area of practice.

The expression “State Prosecutions” encompasses wide-ranging and varied disciplines including the following:

  • Garda Prosecutions

This area is extensive and covers all proceedings brought against the private citizen under the criminal code from basic road traffic offences to allegations of corporate fraud, rape and murder.

  • Local Authority Proceedings

This area of practice includes proceedings in the nature of:

Planning infringements
Environmental issues
Health and Safety Legislation
Company and Corporation Law Infringements
Judicial Review – Many decisions of a judicial nature are made not only by the courts but also by committees of enquiry and tribunals. These may be subject to scrutiny and challenge under the heading of judicial review.